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Designing and Engineering
  • Designing and providing flow diagram maps: PDF and P&ID
  • Designing and providing layout and General Arrangement maps of industrial factories
  • Designing and providing construction maps of horizontal or vertical atmospheric storage tanks with fixed, mobile and concrete ceiling
  • Designing and providing construction maps of under pressure tanks and thermal converters
  • Designing and providing tube lines executive maps
  • Providing calculations notebook and analyzing metal structures, tanks, converters and HVAC systems tension
  • Designing and providing executive maps of vapor production units, pump house and fuel preparation systems
  • Designing and providing executive maps of compressed air network, pump house and water and waste waters refineries
  • Designing and providing construction, architecture, mechanical, electrical utilities maps and precise tools
  • Providing sale engineering, inspection, material supervision and control services
  • Providing workshop supervision and construction and installation management services
  • Providing project management services and preparing timing, resources and budget plans
  • Preparing tender documents
Supplying Utilities
  • Supplying tubes, connections, valves, electricity boards and precise equipment with certified standards
  • Supplying types of standard steel, sheet and profiles
  • Supplying transmission pumps like Eccentricity, gear and screw
  • Supplying equipment like vapor and hot oil boiler, thermal converter, fuel filter, compressor, compressed air tanks, sand and softenerfilter
  • Supplying spare parts
Installation and Setup
  • Executing construction operation, constructing and installing fuel storage tanks with fixed and mobile ceiling adapted with API-650 and API-620 standards
  • Executing construction operation, architecture, mechanical, electricity and precise tool for drain pump houses and preparation of fuel, compressor houses, pump and finery houses of water supply network and facility canals
  • Executive operation of burial and above ground tube lines of gas networks, fuel transfer, water supply- and compressed air networks
  • Executive operation of construction and setup of steel structures and gravity tanks
  • Cold and warm insulation and Implementation of the coatings
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